Artist Mary Bobson Abstract Art Modern Painting Fine Artwork Unique Wall Decor

Mary Bobson Abstract Unique Art Acrylic Artwork

Modern Fine Painting Landscape Colorful Layered

Original Wall Decor Textured Gold Leaf Sculptural Painting Effect

Apartment Office Living Room Bedroom Loft Attic Decor

Gift Housewarming Wedding Anniversary Birthday Mother's Day Present

 A mighty and strong wind scattered and spread green herbs in wonderful patterns. He twisted his drawings into lines and curves like geoglyphs. Like a crumpled bed of hot passion, thrown by young lovers, the spring meadow froze in drawings of prints. The seeming ghostly outlines of loving bodies are flooded with trembling golden rays of the sun. As if there were some secrets left here.
Where are the traces of your body in the tall fragrant grass? Where is the mindless mad love?
All this has merged in a single mix of all shades of green: emerald, jade, lime, shamrock, red sea, herbal, viridan, pine, moss, algae, basil, fern intertwined with shimmering bronze, brass, solid gold and copper.

SIZE: 79,5 x 40 х 1,5 cm /31.3" x 15.8" x 0.6"/

2,5 kg 

Technique: Acrylic, gesso structur-paste, cotton

on eco MDF panel
Material: Panel fixed on wooden frame