Abstract art with translucent mediums on paper
SIZE: 24,4 х 34,2  cm / 9.6" х 13.5" /

Pride is an ambiguous quality. In some cases, it does not allow you to make a mistake. In others, it does not allow warmth and friendliness to easily enter life. The balance between pride and benevolence is a very thin line.
This is a work of art from the series “Weightless Sensations and invisible Qualities”.

“Weightless Sensations and invisible Qualities” series reflect the comprehension of subtlety and refinement, weightlessness and elusiveness, layering and permeation with sensations and qualities of people as metaphysical beings and immortal souls. Daily, hourly and momently within the souls and minds there flow the rivers of sensations, thoughts and emotions. Being intertwined and repulsed, they create the unrepeatable and unreproducible drawing of the world inside one human being within one unit of time.
Sensations, emotions and countless thoughts have no clearly confirmed logic and structure. They lay, however, the foundation and unshakable basis for human qualities. Behavior and reacting under comfortable and usual or changing conditions, under unstable threatening circumstances manifest themselves as if out of nothing, out of weightless inner world of each human being. Nevertheless, behind all of this there lies the layering of the entire every-day-and-hour life work of the human soul and mind. Each man and woman is an elusive and unknown Universe. Both Human Being and Universe will For Ever and Eternally remain an empirical phenomenon which has no clear scientific explanation.

Translucent and weightless alcoholic and acrylic inks are intertwined with graceful clouds, spots, lines, incredible patterns. Heavyweight paper with a slight sheen - eco-friendly blends beautifully with ink.
The picture will look amazing in a black, white, gold or silver frame with or without a passepartout.
I only offer a art! If you need a frame, please let us know in addition.

Please note that my paintings are becoming more and more attractive for investment.

This exclusive original of my hand-made painting, signed on the back, will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity. This painting is not a print of any kind. This is original painting.
All of my paintings are professionally packed with special care and shipped in 1 weeks business days. You will receive UPS notification email with tracking number.
Estimated delivery time to most international cities is 1 to 6 weeks after  shipping.
I am not responsible for any custom fees.
You will receive your painting in excellent brand new condition .Insurance will be included for free .
Decorates and makes unique the interior of the house, apartment, office, loft and attic.
My paintings are full of depth, secret meaning and sincere happiness, and a piece of this may be in your home.
Technique: Acrylic & alcohol ink
Material: Paper
Colors: high luminosity, without fading, non-toxic
Packaging: Cardboard box stable and safe.
Note: The images in context are not to scale and are for display purposes only.