Maksimir in Zagreb (diptych)

Maksimir in Zagreb (diptych)

Abstract sculptural art with drops and threads embossed on paper. Two parts.
SIZE: 24,4 x 32,4 cm / 9.6 "x 12.8" /
SIZE: 24,4 x 32,4 cm / 9.6 "x 12.8" /

This is a artwork of art from the series “Thousand Eyes and Million Views”.
The luxurious Maksimir Park in Zagreb is a space fragrant with greenery, flowers, waters, spread over a large territory. Croatia is like a blue-green tree. Zagreb is like flower buds on it. Maksimir is like its own fairy-tale world of shady alleys, flower beds and intertwining walking paths among dense wooded vegetation and artificial lakes. Little fairy tale.

“Thousand Eyes and Million Views” artwork series strives to comprehend the multilayering of cities and lands, humans and peoples, the interplay of their thoughts, fears, inclinations and views. Hundreds and thousands of eyes look into the blackness of the night while piercing the space and time with millions of gazes and translating their joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments, love and hatred into the universal information field. Like invisible rays and clots, all those looks, permeate the darkness and intersect, unite, transform and dissolve, thus creating new energy flows and waves, lines and spirals.
All this magic takes continuously place and the energy of the entire mankind flows forward from its inexhaustible spring of life.
Thin threads, thick drops that permeate the distinct lines, soft curves on the black surface express, in the most complete way, the sensation of the eternity and the constant reproducibility of information fields’ exchange processes by means of gazes of the multitude of eyes into the future. The colors of human eyes, the colorful atmospheres of cities, peoples and lands create the unrepeatable palette of each piece of art. The glittering of golden, bronze, silver and messing patinas give the artworks glare of hopes and expectation of happiness and health, glimpses of faith in success, rays of insight into new ideas and super revelations.Translucent and weightless alcoholic and acrylic inks are intertwined with graceful clouds, spots, lines, incredible patterns. Heavyweight paper with a slight sheen - eco-friendly blends beautifully with ink.
The picture will look amazing in a black, white, gold or silver frame with or without a passepartout.
I only offer a art! If you need a frame, please let us know in addition.

Please note that my paintings are becoming more and more attractive for investment.

This exclusive original of my hand-made painting, signed on the back, will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity. This painting is not a print of any kind. This is original painting.
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Decorates and makes unique the interior of the house, apartment, office, loft and attic.
My paintings are full of depth, secret meaning and sincere happiness, and a piece of this may be in your home.
Technique: resin drops and threads, acrilic, wax
Material: wood panel
Colors: high luminosity, without fading, non-toxic
Packaging: Cardboard box stable and safe.
Note: The images in context are not to scale and are for display purposes only.