Artist Mary Bobson Abstract Art Modern Painting Fine Artwork Unique Wall Decor

Mary Bobson Abstract Unique Art Acrylic Artwork

Modern Fine Painting Landscape Colorful Layered

Original Wall Decor Textured Gold Leaf Sculptural Painting Effect

Apartment Office Living Room Bedroom Loft Attic Decor

Gift Housewarming Wedding Anniversary Birthday Mother's Day Present

The fiery sunset lasts only a few moments, filling the boundless sea with red, crimson, fiery shades. The tops of billowing waves, bathed in streams of liquid gold, turn languidly in almost darkness. The coast gives off an odorous heat, and the sea bewitches the heart in its merger with the blackness of the night sky. A faded day is always a hope for a continuation ... Continuation of life, feelings and trust in the future
All shades of fiery red: scarlet, red, scarlet, solferino, cinnabar, safflower, garnet, ruby intertwined in a complex layering, and the glow of gold floods the picture with light.

SIZE:  79,5 x 40 х 1,5 cm /31.3" x 15.8" x 0.6"/

2,6 kg 

Technique: Acrylic, gesso structur-paste, cotton

on eco MDF panel
Material: Panel fixed on wooden frame