Artist Mary Bobson Abstract Art Modern Painting Fine Artwork Unique Wall Decor

Mary Bobson Abstract Unique Art Acrylic Artwork

Modern Fine Painting Landscape Colorful Layered

Original Wall Decor Textured Gold Leaf Sculptural Painting Effect

Apartment Office Living Room Bedroom Loft Attic Decor

Gift Housewarming Wedding Anniversary Birthday Mother's Day Present


Dark and distant space ... Mysterious darkness and emptiness. Seeming infinity. And in all this there is an amazing, unexpectedly appearing and disappearing beauty - play of colors and shades, shimmer and shine, flashes and nebulae. The cosmos is as close and distant from us as our own "I". What flowers bloom in our souls in happy moments, and then how quickly these emotions change and melt. Just like the cosmic darkness, suddenly unusual patterns and figures similar to flowers bloom, so our souls dissolve bright and juicy petals in love and tenderness. This art is a deep, dark and heavy blue, blackness, emerald and violet, suddenly torn apart by a light, juicy, bright explosion of colors. Scarlet, coral, delicate peach, smoky pink and purple and slightly covered with a delicate shine of gold and barely noticeable bronze.

SIZE:  60 x 60 х 1,5 cm
/23.6" x 23.6" x 0,6"/

2,7 kg 

Technique: Acrylic, gesso structur-paste, concrete

on eco MDF panel
Material: Panel fixed on wooden frame