Artist Mary Bobson Abstract Art Modern Painting Fine Artwork Unique Wall Decor

Mary Bobson Abstract Unique Art Acrylic Artwork

Modern Fine Painting Landscape Colorful Layered

Original Wall Decor Textured Gold Leaf Sculptural Painting Effect

Apartment Office Living Room Bedroom Loft Attic Decor

Gift Housewarming Wedding Anniversary Birthday Mother's Day Present

We breathe in right now what the trees around us breathe out. We breathe out what they breathe in. This cycle is endless. Trees feed our eyes with their grace and beauty, changing colors and shades. They delight our ears with a light rustle of foliage. In the shade of trees, kisses of love are born. These are such thin and graceful trees, so warm and bright, bathed in the golden light of the sun, give birth to a shining forest. As if streams of orange, amber, tangerine, scarlet, pumpkin, gummigut, sea buckthorn, tango, carrot with gold flow down the translucent gray-blue wall, spreading light and radiance everywhere. Like an emotional upsurge and fun in an empty room, where one could only be sad, but we are happy. We are similar and one with nature ...

SIZE: 70 x 50 х 1,5 cm 
/27.6" x 19.7" x 0.6"/

32,7 kg 

Technique: Acrylic, gesso structur-paste, concrete, cotton on eco MDF panel
Material: Panel fixed on wooden frame